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hi, everyone! my name's ange, i live in the reading, pa area; an hour-ish away from philadelphia. does anybody here live near me? i'd love to meet some new connects or buddies with some similar interests ((ahem)). be safe. my boyfriend's doing a few years in berks county prison for being a junkie for the past ten years-- it's resorted to stealing from shopping malls for gift cards, which he'd sell for half the value in cash, then to finally robbing me, twice. the first time he took my money and clothes to sell, then the second time (i was a sucker and let him come back), he stole my car and sold everything i had in it, they day i got back from running him around philly to steal and get high for four days straight. it was hell-- i didn't eat or sleep for four days, and the only reason i had to come back was because i got a call from the courthouse and it turned out he had taken my car one night while i was sleeping and sold some of my stuff in the city and got more drugs.. and in the process he ran through a red light which snapped my license plate and i got a ticket for $180. i had to come back to reading that day or i was going to lose my license and have to pay a bunch of fees, but he didn't want me to come back, he wanted me to run him around for a few more days.. so while i was in the courthouse paying his ticket, he decided to steal my car because he said he didn't think i'd really drive back to philly afterward.
just goes to show you the shit can ruin your life if you let it. he's been doing the same shit for ten years, and now he said he's going to cut off whoever won't "help" him now, which means he just wants everyone to send him money and keep him occupied with visits while he's doing his time.. the same people he's been screwing over for years by asking for money for "rent" or for "car trouble..." you name it.. but it was always for dope. he even spent all my rent money that i had in our joint account, and i just found out that my rent hasn't been paid for the past six months. three grand.
so anyway... anyone around here??
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