Mrs. Jordan Allison (ladyghost316) wrote in the_h,
Mrs. Jordan Allison

I have something to say for Jennifer because like the downright sniveling COWARD she is, she blocked me from her journal where she writes numerous posts about me every day.

The yeti seems to be on a rampage, making numerous lengthy posts all evening, assuming she knows everything about me (not to mention the famous people, and the entire world for that matter). You better run for the hills before she tries and analyzes you too, then condemn you for all the blasphemous sins you've done in your life.

You say you are one of the few who stands up to the "masses" and fights for a better way of life? Well, what kind of life do you envision? A world full of robotic-like people placed inside of a sterile environment (individual cells) free of germs, who have had all sexual organs and segments of their brains surgically removed? A world where you will be the leader, telling them it's better to remain isolated from the others, they will only hurt you, use you, and manipulate you, it's better to just abide by what you tell them and not think with their own minds and learn from experiences. A world where individuals no longer exist, where psychology must be just a dream, the human mind is just the same as an animal's only worse, and only knows primitive instincts used to fuck, hurt, and kill.

So now I'm a cock socket with the mentality of a monkey because I replied realistically to your posts. Funny how you start to get ballsy after you block me from replying, and it's funny you attack me in this way where not once was I even promoting sex. You seem to be quite the contradictory hypocrite. You are the one twisting and manipulating my words because your head seems too dense to process any new information. I was just talking about being a human being instead of being a vengeful yeti out in the wilderness somewhere. You have a filthy mouth, and word up I'm not a member of the senate in California and I don't own a dog named Lucy, so you watch it.

The thing that gets me, and the ultimate reason for all of this is because you both are presumptuous enough to act like you know anything about me and twist the meaning of my comments. If you read back, not once was I even talking about or promoting in any way sex. I don't think sex is as important here as you both are making it out to be. You two seem to be obsessed with sex, the true undercover horndogs, and are just jealous because you couldn't get someone to fuck you even if you wanted to. I shall name you the dead bitter cock socket.

If your heads weren't so far up your own asses you would see that what you're doing, and how harshly you are judging others is exactly what you condemn people for doing to you in the past. You aren't any better than the judgmental people you grew to hate, and you are projecting the exact same demeanor onto others.

Then again, you do hate yourself, don't you? Thus, everyone else must hate you, and you'll be damned if there is another human being on this planet who is happy, they all should be miserable fucks like you, how fucking dare they, right? How dare there be an attractive person anywhere? You were the only people in this world who felt any kind of pain so it's necessary to bring everyone else down to your level, so maybe they can feel it too. Maybe then with all these miserable minds working together you can create a plan to conquer the world, assassin all the people with favorable genes, all people who have had more than one sexual partner, and re create a world with your ideals. Husbands tied up in cellars, children killing themselves, hearts literally ripped out of chests an eaten alive if a person dares to have a view of life that differs from yours, people mutilated every time they tell a lie, and men castrated if they ask for a divorce.

It's good you chose not to deal with men ever again. That means no chance of you reproducing, and that thought comforts me at night when I go to sleep. You wouldn't want to risk having your mutant deranged offspring running rampant in the world among the children I may have some day, contributing to the school shootings and God knows what else.

It doesn't matter how you look, if you have that kind of outlook no one is going to want to be around you. You could be considered by many the most beautiful woman in the universe, but people would become repulsed as soon as you open your mouth. You could lose any man because you are full of so many fronts, so much negativity, there is no you left inside of that empty shell, only a vengeful, bitter, hateful demon who calls rejection, and the seclusion that YOU brought against yourself individualism, that wants so badly some sort of attention but never gets it.

YOU LET YOUR PAST CONTROL YOU LIKE A LITTLE BITCH. If you look close enough I bet you can see the strings on your arms, and all the people who ever hurt you on top moving you around every which way.

Instead of claiming your life back you let them own you. You are just as good as a hermit, you might as well give up on it and either buy that cave or put a bullet through your head and end your miserable life because what you are doing is NOT living, you're skating by in the corner of your little house of glass, tombed inside of a brick room you spent so many years building.

You let them fuck you, repeatedly until you are only fueled by revenge and hate. You're not a strong person, you're weak, you let them demolish you and you aren't doing anything about it except writing essays on live journal, looking for people to pacify you, baby you, and fuel into your negativity. I bet that's the life both of you always dreamed for.

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